#CentreStage: WIZ KHALIFA Feat. CHARLIE PUTH – See You Again (OST. Furious 7)

Centre Stage

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Kepergian Paul Walker di tahun 2013 lalu memang masih meninggalkan kesedihan yang mendalam bagi fansnya. Apalagi, film barunya, Furious 7 dirilis tahun ini dan pastinya bakal terasa beda nih intelektual muda. Well, kita nggak bakal bahas tentang filmnya nih, tapi soundtrack film tersebut yang juga nggak kalah menariknya untuk kamu dengarkan minggu ini.

Great collaboration between Wiz Khalifa and a youtube star, Charlie Puth just made the soundtrack more powerful and sounds great. Ditulis oleh DJ Frank E, Puth, Khalifa dan Andrew Cedar, lagu yang didedikasikan untuk mendiang Paul Walker ini sukses menjuarai sejumlah chart di dunia untuk waktu yang lama! It has peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 non-consecutive weeks, tying for the longest-running rap number-one hit in the country, and in the United Kingdom on the UK Singles Chart for two consecutive weeks!


Puth became emotionally attached while writing the track, recalling a friend of his who also died in a car accident. He was at first reluctant that the film’s soundtrack label, Atlantic Records, would choose his vocal for the song. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Puth recalled: “It just seemed to occur from out of nowhere. And basically 10 minutes later Justin and I wrote it, we sent it off, and I thought we’d never hear about it again”.

So now, prepare some tissues and enjoy our #CentreStage for this week,


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